Small pelagic fishery

About the small pelagic fishery

The small pelagic fishery extends from just above the Queensland/New South Wales border, around South Australia to Western Australia and stopping near Lancelin (north of Perth). The fishery is rarely fished to the full available quota.

Sampling 2_Photo by John Keane, UTAS
Photo by John Keane, UTAS

Small pelagic fish are species such as Jack Mackerel, Redbait, Blue Mackerel and Sardines, which all relatively small fish that swim in mid layers of the ocean. These species are a delicious and affordable whole fresh fish and can be served filleted and smoked. They are underutilised as an eating fish by Australians but commonly eaten world-wide.

There is an abundance of these species and they are not red listed by any environmental group. The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) encourage people to seek out these species as a sustainable seafood option.