The Vessel

The Margiris is a highly specialised mid-water trawler that processes its catch of small pelagic species into frozen blocks and holds them in cold storage until unloaded.

Margiris is being flagged to Australia. The vessel’s key features include:

• Gross registered tonnage  -  9,499
• Length  -  143 metres
• Crew complement  -  46 persons

The vessel will be based in Devonport, Tasmania and is expected to carry out fishing trips of 6-8 weeks duration. Margiris will fish throughout the Small Pelagic Fishery, including in areas of the Great Australian Bight that are distant from fishing ports.

The relatively large size of the vessel enables long duration fishing trips to be undertaken and economies of scale to be achieved in relation to the efficient production and marketing of abundant but low unit value fish species.